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Dryer Exhaust Cleaning Services  

iTrust HVAC offers dryer exhaust cleaning services in Illinois for residential and commercial properties. it will help extend the lifespan of your dryer system and assist in minimizing and eliminating any fire threats.

When your dryer exhaust is stuck with lint and other obstructions may be a fire risk to your HVAC system and home.

Do not hesitate to contact us at (+468) 254 762 443 if there are any concerns or queries about our dryer exhaust cleaner services in Illinois.

Why is Dryer Exhaust Cleaning Important? 

Don’t ignore the dryer exhaust cleaning, because dust, fibers, and lint is the major cause of fires in residential dryers according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). As per NFPA, the dryer exhaust needs to be cleaned every year to avoid fire hazards.

A dryer exhaust’s primary function is to eliminate extra heat, moisture, and lint from the drying process. An essential component of your dryer is the Exhaust. Without one, your home would become hot, humid, and full of filth. Additionally, mold growth and fire safety issues might result from this.

How Frequently Must A Dryer Exhaust System Be Cleaned?

A dryer exhaust must be cleaned frequently to improve the dryer’s performance. Lint and other filth and debris impairing the dryer’s performance can be removed with regular dryer exhaust cleaning.

A dryer exhaust must be cleaned when:
  • Your clothing is drying far more slowly than usual.
  • Your clothes, as well as the dryer’s surface, become quite warm.
  • The dryer pipe is blocked by debris.
  • Inadequate opening of the exhaust hood flap.
  • For more than a year, the dryer exhaust has not been cleaned.
  • You smell an odd burning odor on the clothing.
  • When the dryer is on, the laundry area feels excessively warm.
Risks associated with dryer exhaust systems

Your dryer and exhaust system must be regularly maintained, like numerous other types of equipment, to avoid problems in the future. If your dryer exhaust system isn’t appropriately treated, it could endanger your health and safety.

Health risks

Carbon monoxide absorption is one of the significant dangers of an obstructed dryer exhaust system. Whenever used, your dryer produces carbon monoxide, vented outside your house by the dryer exhaust system. If the carbon monoxide cannot exit, it may gather within your home and cause poisoning.


Fire is yet another harm caused by a blocked exhaust system. Sticky stuff and dust accumulation in your dryer exhaust over time may stop the heat from your dryer from escaping. These components could catch fire due to the heat, causing a disastrous house fire.

Malfunctioning equipment

A blocked dryer exhaust system may further hasten the deterioration of your dryer. The dryer must work more to accomplish the same function, which can be demanding on the equipment and cause it to wear out more quickly and cost you to fix.

What advantages come from routine dryer exhaust cleaning?
1-Energy is preserved

Regular dryer exhaust cleaning will enhance its performance and minimize the power it consumes. Regular dryer exhaust cleaning can decrease energy costs by up to 30% for homeowners.

2-Decreased cost of servicing

Regular dryer exhaust cleaning lowers the likelihood of overheating and blockages. Therefore, it is less prone to malfunction or a technical issue.

3-Lowers the chance of a fire

Lint is a material that rapidly catches fire. It can start a fire that can wreak damage if it is allowed to accumulate in the exhaust. Lint development can be minimized with regular cleaning, lowering the fire risk.

4-It lessens the dryer’s use and abuse

Your dryer must work twice as hard to dry your clothing if the exhaust is not cleaned routinely. Important dryer parts may become broken out by this extreme pressure. Routine maintenance minimizes wear and tear by enhancing dryer performance.

Our process to clean the Dryer Exhaust

We follow the below steps to clean your dryer Exhaust:

  • To begin, we wriggle the pipe from the outside vent to your dryer using a specific dryer exhaust cleaning equipment.
  • By sucking it backward, the device removes all of the lint from your dryer outside of your home.
  • The line is then re-fished through until it exits clean.
  • We will turn our attention to the back of your dryer after cleaning it from the house’s exterior.
  • Using an air tool, we will thoroughly clean your lint trap and blow out all dirt from the back of your dryer after pulling the dryer away from the wall. If doing this by oneself, a vacuum cleaner can be used.
  • We will clean your dryer exhaust from the back of your dryer to the termination point on the exterior of your home using an extension tool.
  • Your dryer will then be reconnected and pushed back into position, and everything will be cleaned with Simple Green.
  • We’ll test your dryer to ensure everything is operating correctly and safely.

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