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Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

Never wait for long! If your ducts haven’t been cleaned surely your furnace needs cleaning. If you neglect your furnace maintenance, it will degrade the efficiency and longevity of your Furnace components. In Resulting! You could see yourself and your family without heat in the middle of the winter and sweaty in the summer.

Furnace components are typically cleaned with high-pressure air and an industrial vacuum. To ensure a safe outcome, give this task to our highly trained technicians of iTrust HVAC.

We have a certified team of HVAC technicians and provide Insured Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning Services in Schaumburg. Our team will be at your door within two hours of your call.

It doesn’t matter what furnace you have; our certified technicians will fix and clean it within two hours.

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Why do I need to clean my furnace?

Furnace cleaning is important to ensure your HVAC system works properly year-round if you have whole-house air conditioning. Once the furnace’s components are properly cleaned, they help to extend the unit’s life, thus burning less fuel and helping the furnace run more efficiently.

While heating or cooling your house, your furnace absorbs a lot of inappropriate material such as debris, pollen, and other particles like a magnet. If you don’t maintain your furnace clean, dangerous particles will spread throughout your home.

It may be particularly problematic for those suffering from breathing difficulties, allergies, or asthma.

How do I know if my furnace needs cleaning?

Considering that your furnace’s sole purpose is to cool or warm your house, it might be distressing when it doesn’t. 

The following Signs indicate it’s Time for a Furnace Cleaning:
  1. There are discrepancies in the temperature of the various rooms.
  2. You set the thermostat for a particular temperature, but your furnace isn’t keeping it.
  3. There is no heat or cooling in your home.
  4. The speed at which your furnace turns on and off is excessive.
  5. It uses too much energy to attain the temperature you specified, which will lead to a significant energy bill.
  6. A gas furnace should have blue flames. The presence of orange or yellow flames indicates a dirty flame sensor or burner.
  7. Your furnace needs maintenance if it is covered in hair, dirt, filth, and dead skin particles.
Benefits of Annual Furnace Service

Furnace Cleaning plays a vital role in protecting your HVAC System and investment. Unfortunately, many homeowners put off worrying and don’t bother about their furnaces until there is a serious issue with the Unit.

Be Sure! Hire the best HVAC Technicians for detailed cleaning of your furnace’s components once a year. Yearly cleaning brings many benefits in the long run.

The following are the benefits of Furnace Cleaning:
  1. Better Efficiency
  2. Cleaner Burns
  3. Quite Operations
  4. Duct Obstructions
  5. Oil Filter Replacements
  6. Diagnosing Small Problems
Our Furnace cleaning Process

Cleaning a furnace mainly includes the furnace’s components, such as the heat exchange, blower motor, combustion chamber, burners, fans, etc. usually, a combination of powerful air and an industrial hoover is used to vacuum these. The evaporator coil, for instance, frequently needs more professional maintenance that comes at an extra cost. 

Following is some standard Furnace cleaning process:
  • Ductwork leak and blockage inspection
  • Maintaining the accuracy of the controls and the thermostat
  • The detection of carbon monoxide leaks
  • The blower motor’s maintenance
  • Checking that the blower motor is operating properly.
  • Assessing the appropriate airflow
  • While looking for leaks, checking the gas pressure
  • Examination and maintenance of the combustion chamber assembly
  • Cleaning and examining the heat exchange system.
  • Ensuring that your forced-air system’s components are all operating at their peak efficiency.
  • Examining the shutdown and startup controls to make sure they are operating properly.
  • Filter replacement
  • The system will be sanitized

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